We Believe in Great Content 

But what is “good content”?

We always try to capture the emotions and small details of each moment to give the viewer an emotional experience. No matter if it’s outdoor, lifestyle or equestrian content.

For us, “good content” is the one that gives you goosebumps. 

One of our latest Projects:

Technical Solutions

Drone Shots

From low-budget drones up to cinema-solutions with RAW-Codec in 5.2K

Cinema RIGS

4K workflows with professional Camera-Systems

Gimbal Work

Stabilized and shake-free footage with modern technology

Full INhouse Producion

Coffee Bean


Coffee Bean

Editing & Sound Design

Coffee Bean

Color Grading

We offer a complete in-house video production from planning and organization to filming and the entire post-production such as editing, licensed music, sound design, motion graphics and color grading.

worked for:

“Working with Maximilian is always a pleasure: he’s thinking outside the box and will go „the extra mile“ for his clients to achieve outstanding results. We’re happy to have him on our team to take our equestrian film productions on a whole new level.”

– HCJ Magazine

“It was an absolute pleasure working with someone so passionate and talented. He has gone above and beyond to make sure our projects have been a success. I was impressed by how quick he was able to edit our videos and make changes to anything needed. I look forward to working together in the future.”

– Matt Harnacke

Image Films

Social Media Content






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