The Team

Maximilian Sarnow

Founder / camera / Postproduktion

Well, let’s start with who I’m not. I’m not an cinematography “expert”. I’m not an academy award winning director. 

Everything has stared with a camera that my father gave me for my 15th birthday. On this day I discovered my passion for photography.

However, social media hasn´t been as advanced as it is today and so there was actually no way to present these pictures. And so they have disappeared onto some old hard drives over the years.

About 10 years later I remembered my old passion for photography and my old camera.

I quickly notice that there are a lot of good photographers, but very few really good videographers. That’s how I found my passion for filmmaking.

I didn’t study directing, filmmaking or anything else. But I think that’s exactly what makes my work so unique.

Convince yourself.




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